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Controlled Dismantling

As Demolition Contractors go, Precast Services Revolutionized Demo Through Controlled Dismantling:

Demolition is defined as the “dismantling, razing, destroying, or wrecking of any building or structure.” However, believe that controlled dismantling is a better approach than traditional demolition methods.

Structures located within populated and/or heavily traveled areas require careful consideration. Typical demolition methods include implosion, mechanical demolition, or wrecking ball methods. They often pose great hazards to both the public and surrounding structures.

What Makes Precast Services Different than Other Building Demolition Contractors:

Precast Services coined the term “Controlled Dismantling” because we believe it is safer. Controlled Dismantling is safer for workers, surrounding buildings, and the environment. Our teams can work in small spaces. Allowing us to dismantle an existing structure.

Precast Services Check List for a demo/ dismantle project:

  • Conduct an engineering survey before any work takes place.
    • Evaluation of the current condition of the structure

    • Survey the surrounding areas

  • Locating, securing, and/or relocating any nearby utilities.

  • Establish fire prevention and evacuation plans.

  • Plan for First Aid and Emergency Medical Services.

  • An assessment of potential health hazards before dismantling.

  • Image of a worksite. Showcasing men in neon work vests, a large concrete structure and a crane

Our Recent Controlled Dismantling Projects

August 2, 2023

Tidal Health Parking Garage Repairs – Maryland

The MacArthur Boulevard Warehouse is a true testament to our precast success. This 208,345 square foot warehouse is located in the bustling area of Mahwah, NJ, and our team played a pivotal role in bringing it to life. We were responsible for erecting 197 precast panels, a critical component of the warehouse's structure.
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Copyright © 2024. Precast Services. All Rights Reserved.