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What precast concrete products does Precast Services, Inc. Manufacture?

We do not manufacture any precast concrete products but rather is typically hired as a subcontractor by companies that do manufacture precast concrete products to assemble/erect their products.

As a subcontractor, who do you contract for?

Precast Services, Inc. works for General Contractors / Construction Managers seeking erection services as a subcontractor.

How many years of experience in erecting precast concrete products do you have?

Precast Services, Inc. was established in 1988 and has gained a reputation as a premier independent precast erector. We have been officially recognized by PCI as a Certified Erector since the inception of its Field Quality Audit Program in 2013.
About Precast Services, Inc.

Do you hire a union workforce for your construction projects?

Yes. Precast Services, Inc. we hire union contractors and employ trained and qualified ironworkers as well as operating engineers throughout the country.

What regions of the United States do you operate in?

Primarily we erect precast concrete products in all areas East of the Mississippi, however, we have also erected products in select Mid-Western States.

What type of precast concrete and steel products do you erect?

Precast Services, Inc. erects a variety of precast concrete products, including, but not limited to, wall panels, single and double tee’s, columns, spandrels, inverted tee beams, stairs, and hollow-core plank.

What is the difference between demolition and controlled dismantling?

Demolition of a structure typically involves methods such as implosion, mechanical demolition, or wrecking ball – All of which could pose significant hazards to the public and surrounding structures.

We  perform “controlled dismantling” during which each component of the structure is removed piece by piece after first performing a thorough structural analysis to ensure the operation is conducted with the safety of our employees and the public in mind.

What is Precast Concrete?

While we, do not Produce Precast Concrete forms, we do install them. They are typically created like Lego which we then assemble on Commercial Construction sites.

What is the advantages of using Precast Concrete:

The advantages of using precast concrete include reduced construction time, long-term cost efficiency, durability, high quality, and promotes sustainable construction practices. This leads to higher efficiency and satisfaction.
Precast Services, Inc. - Logo for banner
With decades of experience with commercial job sites, we help contractors with large-scale construction projects. The logistics of solving the most complex construction situations is what we thrive on.
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Copyright © 2024. Precast Services. All Rights Reserved.