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Precast Services Inc Values Construction Safety on Every Job Site

We at Precast Services believe that every employee should return home safely every day. As such we strive for zero accidents, constantly looking for ways to improve our methods and processes. We hold ourselves as a leader in developing new safer processes. The backbone of these processes is proper training. Each of our employees goes through continual training at the beginning of each project and throughout the year. We not only send our coworkers to different training classes to meet all the industry standards such as OSHA, RED CROSS, and NYCDOB, but we hold our own annual training where we meet as a group to discuss and improve our internal standards so that we can continue to be a leader in the industry.

In past years we have developed engineered controls to limit exposure to silica, hexavalent chromium, and other air born ailments. We have also developed several methods to create better fall protection while we are assembling precast and steel components.

For many of our customers, the choice is clear, especially when working with clients that hold us to the highest standard like pharmaceuticals and energy companies. Precast Services is the answer to meeting the most stringent environments.

Employee Health

Fall Protection

Trained Workforce

OSHA Requirements

Workplace Health and Safety Screenings

At Precast Services, Inc. we provide medical screenings for all crew members performing welding, and for those who are potentially exposed to silica dust. It is important to ensure workers’ safety and employee health is not compromised if respirator use is required to prevent overexposure.

Respirator Safety

In addition to Worker Health Screenings, all crew members are required to wear respirators. The respirators are fit-tested annually to ensure a proper seal of the respirator. Maximizing worker safety on job sites.

Welding Fume Air Sampling

Precast Services, Inc. created and maintained a database of air monitoring test results from erectors around the country who performed exposure assessments for various tasks relating to Hexavalent Chromium.

These results are then used to determine the means and methods necessary to prevent overexposure for our crew members on a job site to ensure workers’ safety.

Silica Air Sampling

Precast Services, Inc. lead the charge among the members of the PCI Erectors Committee to create a database of air monitoring test results from erectors around the country who performed exposure assessments for various tasks relating to exposure to silica dust.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Construction site safety is a priority for every Precast Services, Inc. project. We are constantly monitoring the development of new PPE products to enhance and improve upon protecting our employees on job sites.

Trailer Tie-Off

A Precast Services, Inc. exclusive!

Due to the demand to provide fall protection during the unloading of precast products where fall exposures are in excess of six feet, Precast Services, Inc. engineered and developed a fall restraint tie-off trailer.

Perimeter Protection

As an improvement to the standard "warning line" system typically used to establish controlled access zones during precast erection, we can implement a complete perimeter guardrail system to eliminate the need of repetitive controlled access zone maintenance.

Work Platforms

Precast Services, Inc. engineers and manufacturers custom work platforms typically used in elevator towers to provide a efficient and safe working surface for our employees.

Leading Edge Fall Restraint

We recognize there are times when fall arrest safety equipment is not feasible due to the lack of fall clearance to a lower level. In these situations, Precast Services, Inc. implements fall restraint systems to prevent falls from occurring.

8 Hour NY DOB Training

All crew members working within the City of New York and it's Boroughs complete an additional eight hours of fall protection/fall prevention training in addition to fall protection training included within the OSHA 30 Hour course.

Annual Refresher Training

Precast Services, Inc. provides annual training for all management personnel to review the latest safety requirements and methods to provide the safest workplace possible.

OSHA 30 Hour

All management personnel are required to complete an OSHA 30 Hour Construction Training Course and re-certify a minimum of every five years.

1st Aid/CPR

All management personnel are required to complete First Aid/CPR training every two years.

NCCCO Certifications

Our crane operators are NCCCO Certified for the type of crane they are operating, in addition to State specific licenses.


All Precast Services, Inc. crews operating within the City of New York and their Boroughs complete specific training in order to obtain required Site Safety Training (SST) credentials.


In compliance with the Fire Department of New York requirements, management and/or crew members operating within the City of New York and it's Boroughs hold Certificate of Fitness (COF) Certifications specific to the work being performed

PCI Certified Erection Crews

All Primary Erection Crew Foreman are Certified annually through the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute's Field Quality Audit Program to ensure industry Standards are meet or exceeded.
At Precast Services, we take construction site safety seriously by following all required steps from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Jobsite Safety protocols require us to think about construction job site activities that can expose workers to serious hazards. This includes things like rooftops safety protocols, managing machinery on a job site, injury due to heavy equipment, electrical hazards, and airborne dangers like silica dust and asbestos.

Precast Services utilizes the information, tools, and resources provided by OSHA to always protect our workforce during the construction process.

OSHA Documents of Interest for Construction Safety:

Risk control awards aim to acknowledge members who have demonstrated excellence in managing risks through proactive risk management programs, active participation, and favorable loss ratios. A member must have completed two full policy years within the captive to be eligible for an award. Adding a member to the risk control support list or watchlist disqualifies them from qualifying for a risk control award.

These awards are presented at the summer board meeting, relying on scores associated with risk control benchmark performance.

There are different categories of awards:
Award of Honor: Presented to the member with the highest possible score.
Award of Excellence: Presented to members who scored 95% of the maximum points.
Award of Merit: Presented to members who score 90% of the maximum points.
Most Improved Award: The member who has demonstrated the most significant improvement in their score from the previous year receives this award. Only members in their 2nd and 3rd full policy years are eligible for this award.
Image of Skanska Safety Excellence Award Plaque
As a PCI Certified Erector, our crews are qualified in the erection of both architectural and structural precast components. To maintain this status, all crews are audited twice each year by PCI Certified Field Auditors, with at least one of the two audits conducted by an independent auditor.

Congratulations are in order for the entire Shering Plough (Summit, New Jersey) crew, for their outstanding safety performance which lead to an injury free worksite.

Skanska USA Building, Inc., a worldwide construction management company, acknowledged the dedication, work ethic, safety leadership and commitment demonstrated by our employees throughout the course of the project. Thank you for a job well done!
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Copyright © 2024. Precast Services. All Rights Reserved.